Beth Rixe Service Center

Beth Rixe was a client with Full Access during her adult years. She was a joyful young woman whose disability took her life too soon. Beth was loved, loving, involved, active and independent. This was a result of the love and support of her family and also the services of Full Access.

In the past, people with developmental disabilities were treated terribly and isolated in large institutions, separating them from families who loved them. It is not that way anymore and it was never that way for Beth Rixe. Our building is a reminder of the beautiful life Beth lived and the importance of self-determination and person-centered support services.

We are proud Oregon is a national leader in keeping families connected, involved and together. Full Access High Desert is a major force in Central Oregon providing the necessary services to give people with developmental and intellectual disabilities the opportunities they have always wanted. Individuals with I/DD are now able to work, socialize, and integrate in the community. We dedicate our building and express our gratitude to Beth Rixe for setting the example of what it means to live a self-directed life in pursuit of her dreams.

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