Full Access High Desert

Katie King

Personal Agent


Katie has lived in Bend since she was a year old. This equals a long time! After years of working in music stores (“make your own music” stores) she worked in a titanium foundry making parts for aircraft, the medical industry, and even the space shuttle! In 2005, Katie took 6 months off to travel around New Zealand and Australia, fulfilling a long-planned dream. She later attended the University of Oregon and graduated in 2008 with her B.S. in Psychology. In 2010, Katie was accepted into Portland State University’s Masters of Social Work program. She also started working for Telecare as a Personal Service Coordinator, helping those with severe and persistent mental illness find their path to more independent living. Shortly after graduating with her MSW, Katie joined Full Access High Desert. She enjoys being with her “fur baby”, Sydney Superdog, camping, fishing, letterboxing, music, movies and reading.