Full Access High Desert

Neta Alon-Bruce

Personal Agent


Neta was born in a small community in Israel. She served in the Israeli Air-Force as a Youth Worker and graduated from University with a BA in Behavioral Sciences. At the age of 26 she moved with her husband to England, where she worked as a caregiver and case worker in a community group home. Following that, she qualified as a teacher and taught in both Elementary and High school. After moving to the North East of England, Neta pursued a career as a Family Support Worker. In 2008, Neta, her husband and two young children made the biggest move yet – to Bend, Oregon. The all felt so welcomed and loved Central Oregon and the outdoor lifestyle so much that they decided to stay. Neta joined Full Access High Desert in 2009. When she is not working, Neta loves to spend time with her family, exploring everything Oregon has to offer.