All 2022 Medicaid renewals must be processed in the OregONEligibility (ONE) system.

The differences in the renewal process for ONE are as follows:
• The parent, or person who helps the child or adult complete their paperwork, is
asked to complete a phone interview by calling 1-800-699-9075. Adults who
experience disability and parents of children who experience disability or the
people who help with their paperwork, are now responsible for calling this
number to set up this interview.

• APD/CCU is no longer the point of contact for completing renewal packets.
Support for this can be provided by contacting their local ODHS office, on-line,
and ONE customer service 1-800# as outlined in the 2022 Renewal Guide for

• The monthly list of redeterminations/renewals will no longer be available to
ODDS. The last list will be sent at the beginning of January. We’re sorry! ODDS
is working on a solution.

• There are hundreds of families that have not responded to the legacy renewal
request. When the public health emergency ends, failure to respond to renewal
requests may result in closure of Medicaid benefits, which also results in the loss
of DD services.

The links below will connect you with the updated Guide which is a reference tool for
Oregonians to help them understand the 2022 Medicaid renewal process in ONE;
CMEs may provide this Guide to families when discussing Medicaid redetermination.

ODDS Medicaid Renewal Guide for Children who Experience Intellectual or
Developmental Disabilities provided in: English, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese,
Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese.