Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Full Access High Desert?
Full Access High Desert is a nonprofit organization that provides services to approximately 400 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We serve Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson, and Lake counties.
What services does Full Access High Desert provide?
  • We assist individuals with developmental disabilities to determine their needs, plan support services in response to those needs, and develop individualized budgets based on available resources.
  • We assist individuals with developmental disabilities to find and arrange the resources necessary to implement support services.
  • We assist individuals with developmental disabilities in assuring the effective implementation of their plans over time, and help make adjustments to the plan or plan goals as necessary.
  • We provide information, education, and technical assistance for individuals with developmental disabilities in order to help facilitate effective plan implementation.
  • We act as a general fiscal intermediary in the receipt and accounting of certain funds on behalf of an individual in addition to making payment with the authorization of the individual, and accounting for certain plan costs.
  • We facilitate development and expansion of community resources.
  • We assist individuals with developmental disabilities in monitoring aspects of health and safety, and the quality of their supports.
What is a Brokerage and why are you called a Brokerage?

Brokerages are private agencies (typically nonprofit charities) that contract with the Oregon Department of Human Services to provide case management, resources, and access to in-home/community based support services. We offer self-directed, person-centered services. Brokerages are the connection between your goals and the resources you need to achieve those goals. We help you navigate available services and we’re the link to the appropriate support services.

Click here to download more information on brokerages.

Where do Brokerages come from?

Brokerages are the result of a lawsuit against the State of Oregon. Over 4,ooo eligible individuals were on waitlists to receive community-based services for several years. The lawsuit resulted in the Staley Agreement which began the start for brokerage services.

What is a Personal Agent?

A Personal Agent’s job is to connect you with resources in the community. You may have heard of a Case Manager or Service Coordinator. A Personal Agent is your case management support and coordinator of services.  Regardless of what you call us, we are here to assist you with connecting to the services you need.

How often will I see my Personal Agent?

You are required to meet with your Personal Agent in person at least once a year to remain in services. We will still check-in with you every three months or every month (depending on your services).

When can I reach my Personal Agent?

Full Access High Desert is open Monday through Friday from 8 to 5. We are closed most major holidays. You can generally reach your Personal Agent during those hours by phone or email. Your Personal Agent will get back to you within two business days unless otherwise specified. If you can’t reach your Personal Agent and you need assistance, you can call us and ask for someone else to assist you.

Will I still have a Case Manager at the county if I receive Brokerage services?

No. When you transfer to brokerage services, your Personal Agent becomes your case management support. It is your choice where you receive case management services. If you would prefer county services, just ask your Personal Agent.

What is an ISP?

ISP stands for Individual Support Plan. You will work with your Personal Agent and other important people in your life to write a plan together. You get to choose who attends your ISP meeting. Your plan is a fluid document and we can make changes as your goals and needs change.

What is an ANA?

ANA stands for Adult Needs Assessment. It is a tool designed by the State of Oregon to assess a person’s support needs. We are required to complete an ANA annually and we can reassess as needs change.

How does my Personal Agent know what can and can’t be paid for?

Depending on your eligibility and the services you receive, funding comes from either Title XIX Waiver or the Community First Choice Option/K Plan (part of the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare”).

How do I become a Full Access High Desert client?

You can request a referral to Full Access High Desert from your County Developmental Disabilities Program case manager. Full Access High Desert clients must be Oregon residents with a developmental disability, at least 18 years of age, and living at home or on their own (not receiving comprehensive services, foster care or other residential care).

If someone is not a US citizen are they still eligible for support services?

Yes, only if they are found eligible by the County Developmental Disabilities Program (CDDP).

Can an individual receive Senior/Disabled funding and be in a Support Services Brokerage?

No. An individual cannot receive support services from both systems. They will receive services via the system from which they are eligible based on primary disability.

What if someone has a dual diagnosis?

Individuals may also be receiving services through the mental health system.